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Each season is different. What you need to do to be prepared for the winter is different than what you might do to prepare for the spring or the fall, when it comes to driving and taking care of your vehicle. Just like the other seasons, there are unique needs and concerns that summertime brings with it that will impact the way you care for your car and drive. The staff at AutoCenters Nissan wants you to enjoy driving this summer, whether you're going on a long summer road trip or just driving to and from barbecues, picnics and parties with your friends and families, so we've put together a few tips for summertime driving. Make sure your vehicle is properly maintained. It's especially important before you embark on any…
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Just as driving on city surface streets has its own safety concerns, driving on the highway is a unique experience that needs to be treated as such. When you drive on the highway, you'll need to keep certain things in mind and be aware of other things that you might not have to worry about when driving on other roads. That said, driving on the highway can be a fun, effective and efficient experience. It can get you where you need to be in a timely manner, and can use less fuel than stop-and-go driving on city streets. Here, the staff at AutoCenters Nissan has put together a list of some of the things you need to be aware of to be the safest driver possible next time you're driving…
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Driving in the city can be extremely frustrating and tedious. You're usually caught in traffic, pedestrians can come out of nowhere, and streets are cramped and narrow. It's a hassle. Luckily, AutoCenters Nissan has a few essential city driving tips for our Wood River, IL customers that want to head out to the city but are a bit nervous about the drive there. Follow our 5 Nissan driving tips below and hopefully you will be more at ease next time you head back out on the road. Watch your speed. In bumper-to-bumper traffic, you're not going to get anywhere faster by constantly speeding up and slowing down to get all your frustrations out. Wood River drivers should use their gas pedal wisely. Nonstop accelerating and braking is bad for your…
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Everyone knows you shouldn't speed when you're driving. That's why speed limit signs are posted everywhere. But do you know why it's a practice that's best avoided? There are more reasons than you may think. · Speeding is against the law. This is the most obvious reason why speeding is best avoided. It's illegal, and you can get a costly ticket. Getting to your destination a few minutes earlier simply isn't worth the fine that comes along with a speeding ticket. · Speeding increases your risk of an accident. It's one of top causes of auto accidents, as it reduces your reaction time and increases the time it takes you to brake. Driving the speed limit can go a long way to reduce your risk of getting into an accident.…
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Road trips are an essential summer experience for Wood River, IL drivers. Though road trips are all about fun and excitement, Nissan drivers should always be aware and cautious before and during a road trip. AutoCenters Nissan has put together a few road trip tips to make your road trip more enjoyable. Have your vehicle inspected pre-road trip. Bring your vehicle by AutoCenters Nissan for a complete inspection. We'll make sure your car is in tip-top shape before setting out on your adventure.Bring everything you need. Wood River, IL drivers should check and double check their road trip lists before they leave. Don't hesitate over packing either. It's better to be safe than sorry.Take frequent breaks. A road trip can be especially uncomfortable for Wood River, IL drivers if they…
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