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Just as driving on city surface streets has its own safety concerns, driving on the highway is a unique experience that needs to be treated as such. When you drive on the highway, you’ll need to keep certain things in mind and be aware of other things that you might not have to worry about when driving on other roads.

That said, driving on the highway can be a fun, effective and efficient experience. It can get you where you need to be in a timely manner, and can use less fuel than stop-and-go driving on city streets.

Here, the staff at AutoCenters Nissan has put together a list of some of the things you need to be aware of to be the safest driver possible next time you’re driving on a highway, freeway or interstate!

Be aware and alert. No matter what kind of road you’re on, you need to be fully awake and alert with your attention devoted to the task at hand. This means that driving while impaired or distracted is to be avoided at all times.

Don’t follow too closely. If you stick to the bumper of the car ahead of you, you put yourself and everyone else on the road at risk. What happens if he or she slows down suddenly? Be sure you’re putting a sufficient amount of space between your vehicle and the other vehicles on the highway.

Obey the speed limit. Speed limits are just as important on the highway as they are on surface streets. Be sure you’re aware of the limit and that you don’t drive too fast.

Use your cruise control. If you’re on a highway that isn’t overwhelmed with traffic, your cruise control can help you maintain a certain speed, which can prevent you from driving too fast or too slow.

Be aware of everyone else on the road. On the highway, everyone is driving at speeds that are higher than what you might be used to on surface streets. This means that if anyone else on the road has a problem, it can put you in danger. Be sure to keep on eye on other drivers, and anything that’s going on on the shoulder.

Driving on the highway can be safe if you take the care and precautions necessary to make it so. Keep these handy tips in mind and you’ll be better off next time you find yourself getting on the on-ramp!

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