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Driving in the city can be extremely frustrating and tedious. You’re usually caught in traffic, pedestrians can come out of nowhere, and streets are cramped and narrow. It’s a hassle. Luckily, AutoCenters Nissan has a few essential city driving tips for our Wood River, IL customers that want to head out to the city but are a bit nervous about the drive there. Follow our 5 Nissan driving tips below and hopefully you will be more at ease next time you head back out on the road.

Watch your speed. In bumper-to-bumper traffic, you’re not going to get anywhere faster by constantly speeding up and slowing down to get all your frustrations out. Wood River drivers should use their gas pedal wisely. Nonstop accelerating and braking is bad for your car and your fuel economy. Be proactive and fill up your tank before heading into the city. You should also try to coast whenever possible.
Pick one lane. Perpetually switching lanes is just flat-out dangerous. You’re giving yourself less time to plan out your next move, thus increasing your chances of getting into an accident. You’re also not getting to your destination any faster. Focus your attention on one lane until you reach your end point.
Be cautious. Wood River, IL drivers may not venture out to the city that often, so driving in a busy and compact area can be much more difficult for less experienced city drivers. Approach multi-lane highways with caution, drive with care, and pay attention to signs and directions.
Prevent break-ins. A very simple and easy way to prevent you car from getting broken into is to put all your valuables out of sight or in your trunk. Don’t leave shopping bags or even spare change out in the open. Wood River, IL drivers can never be too cautious.
Be prepared. Plan out your city excursion before you step foot in your car. Use Google maps or another navigational website to look at step-by-step instructions if you’re really unfamiliar with the area of your destination. Additionally, use a navigational device or a smartphone app to guide you during your trip. You can also pull out an old-fashioned physical map if you get lost. The key is to be prepared.

The most important thing Wood River, IL drivers can do for safe and efficient city driving is to remain calm and stay relaxed. Becoming angry won’t get a slow driver out of your way any quicker and will likely ruin your day. Remember, you’ll get to your destination one way or another.

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